About Us

Part I

I'm a PR college grad and the soon-to-be Mr. is an Army man. Our story began sometime in early 2010 when I was working part time at the local Y as a lifeguard while desperately searching for a "real" job. Like any typical day, I was sitting in my guard chair watching the clock move so slow I thought it would start going backwards. I worked during the afternoons and there were only about a handful of people who would come in and swim laps that I had to guard for, not exactly an exciting way to pass time.

One afternoon I saw two younger looking guys walk in and I instantly thought to myself "man, I bet they are going to cause trouble." See that's the thing with young guys, I don't mean to stereotype, but so many of them would come in and push my buttons (Eric would call this flirting..you can call it whatever you like). The easiest thing to do was to avoid them so I continued on staring at the clock. They left that afternoon without causing any problems and I survived another long day at the YMCA. But then they came back, a lot. I couldn't ignore them any longer and we started talking while they were swimming. I found out their names were Eric and Jason and they had gone to another high school in town and had graduated a year before I did. I looked forward to them coming in every day because it made my day so much better and they were fun to hang out with for a while each afternoon.

Eventually they talked me into getting together with them outside of the Y and I met up with them and a few of my friends for bowling one Friday night and met Jason's wife Shawna. After an embarassing game of bowling, I'm so bad, we all went and got a drink. While we were at the bar Eric asked if I wanted to get lunch the next day. I was so excited because I had a lot of fun with him and he wasn't bad on the eyes either ;)

But as excited as I was I still had hesitations about the whole thing. I was already starting to like the guy but I found out he was leaving for boot camp in a month. And then he would be at training for six months and who knows where after that. I went to lunch with him the next day and of course, we had a great time and clicked so well together, even though I was so nervous.

After that day things with us fell into place so fast and on March 17th we were officially in a committed relationship. We spent almost every day together and I fell in the love faster than I ever thought possible. I wanted love and believed in the fairy tale but here it was happening to me and I couldn't believe it. The first month of our relationship flew by so fast and on April 12th I left his house so he could drive up to Milwaukee to get ready to fly to boot camp the next morning.

I cried on the way home, even though I was going to see him later that night, because I didn't know how I would survive the next 9 weeks without him. That was the first time it really hit me that I was in love with a man who was in the military, with a man who wouldn't always be around but that I was so proud of and would patiently wait for.

Dinner in Milwaukee that night with his parents was good and we hung out in the hotel lobby for a while afterward. When it was finally time to go I didn't want to let go of him. We all had to get on an elevator, us to go to the parking garage, him to go to his room. We got off first and I turned around and watched the doors close with him still on there. Holding it together on the car ride home with his family that I'd only known for a month was the hardest thing I've had to do.

Part II

Coming Soon!