Saturday, November 5, 2011

Very Long Overdue Wedding Post!

Yey wedding recap! Thanks to Nicole over at Flip Flops and Combat Boots for this great recap idea. I think she got it from someone else but we'll just give her credit :) We were married on June 11th, 2011 and had the best day, here are some highlights...

Attending: We invited over 300 (I think, I have a terrible memory so I should have done this right away) but ended up with somewhere between 200 and 250. 

Bridesmaids: I had 6 bridesmaids. My best friend Sarah was my maid of honor, along with Sara, Ally, Alyssa, Megan, and Megan. 

Me and my bridesmaids

Catering: My mom and I both work where I had my reception. It was held at a ballroom on a college campus in my hometown and was catered by our chef and food service staff. It was so yummy and everyone kept saying how great the food was! 

Dress: I love love loved my dress. I wore Maggie Sotero's Kendra and still say to Eric how I wish I could have worn it longer. 

Engagement: Eric proposed on November 9th at Fields Steakhouse in Wisconsin Dells while he was home on leave after graduating AIT. We had only been dating for about 7.5 months when we got engaged and 1 year and 3 months when we got married. 

Before going to dinner where he proposed

Flowers: I'm so bad at flower names. We had flowers, end of story :)

Groomsmen: 6 as well. Eric's best friend Jason was his best man along with Mike, Adam, Christen, Greg, and Joseph. 

Eric, his groomsmen, and the ring bearer

Honeymoon: We leave for the Bahamas on December 4th!! We delayed our honeymoon because I had to move down to Georgia after the wedding and we wanted to get settled in before we went on a trip. 

Invitations: My friend Ally did all of our stationary and it turned out so perfect!

Justice of the Peace: Nope, we were married in a church with a pastor. 

Keepsakes: For our guestbook we had guests "leaf their thumbprint" on a picture of a tree that we now have on display in our home. My mom was so skeptical of the idea but it turned out perfect and in the end she thought the idea was awesome.

Picture to come, Blogger is being a pain

Ladies Night: What a fun night! I had my bachelorette party the same day as my shower. We all got together at my friend Sarah's house where we had some yummy pink champagne punch and other fun treats and then all headed out to the bars.

Music: The signs of a good time are the people on the dance floor and it was packed all night. I think everyone had a great time!

Picture to come, Blogger is being a pain

Newlyweds: Uhm..yes? Haha, I'm not sure how to answer this one. 

Old, new, borrowed, blue: I carried the same handkerchief my mom, grandma, and aunt carried on their wedding day, I wore a new dress, I friend Sarah's purse for all my things, and I wore a blue Duke basketball garter in honor of my hubby's favorite team. 

Photography: We had a photographer who took a million pictures and our package came with an awesome "modern" wedding photo book but we still need to pick out the pictures we want in it...oops.

Question popping: This will break Eric's heart (though I kind of spilled it to him recently) but I knew it was coming. When buying an outfit for the night the girl that worked at the store asked me if it was for anything special and I said "I think my boyfriend is going to propose". She laughed but he did :) Eric had the waiter at the restaurant bring out our dessert and it was on a plate with a silver lid and he set it down in front of me and took the lid off - my ring was sitting on the top :)

Reception: Held in the new ballroom at a local college in our hometown.

Shoe game: Didn't play this, I hate games at weddings - not for other people, but I didn't want to play haha. 

Trash the Dress: I love how everyone else's pictures turn out but I love my dress too much to do that. I know, I know, I'll never wear it again..actually, Mateya over at The Best Is Yet To Come tried her's on her 1st wedding anniversary and said she would do the same the following years to see if it still fit. I think that's a great idea! 

Unique: I think our guestbook was pretty unique. And we did a lot of things on our own to cut down on costs, my mom even bought all of our linens since it was the same exact price to rent them. It was a good money saver but it was a pain in the ass ironing all of them the week before. 

Vows: We wanted to write our own but our pastor would not allow it so we went with the traditional Lutheran vows. Is it sad that I don't even remember what they are? Omg, that is really bad. I need to look them up haha.

Wedding Woes: The only thing that went wrong that day was our slideshow at the wedding ended up playing in slow mo. No one else noticed and I had quite a few people tell me it made them cry (in a good way) so it ended up not being a big deal. 

Laughing at a picture of me in a penguin costume when I was little

X-rated: Haha, the DJ had Eric dance for me and I had to say whether or not it was good enough to allow him to take off my garter. I was sitting on his best man who told me to say no. He then did a little c-walk and litterally slid on his belly under my dress.

Young Kids: We had a few kids and it was not a big deal. All of the little girls were telling me how pretty I looked, it was so sweet. 

Zzzzzz: I was so tired from wedding planning but we didn't get a break because I was moving to Georgia the week after the wedding. It was exhausting but a great time!

My mom tying up my dress

 Eric and my dad
 My mom, sister, and I
 So handsome <3

 When we did this my dress picked up a ton of garbage haha

 Our cake table

 First Dance
 Father-daughter dance

Having a blast!



  1. I love the dress! Maggie is awesome!
    Everything looks so beautiful :) Especially you!! :)

  2. Love, love, love your dress! I am a HUGE Maggie fan! Your wedding looked absolutely beautiful!

  3. Oh your wedding looks absolutely beautiful! LOVE the colors, love your dress, love the bridesmaid dresses, and the leaf idea is so cool!!! Congrats!