Monday, October 17, 2011

Georgia in October

It's 88 degrees outside right now and I LOVE it! Everyone down here always asks, "ooo, you're from Wisconsin, how did you like the summer?" Uhm, I loved it. Some summers in Wisconsin are cold with only a few 80 degree days sprinkled in so the excessive heat doesn't really bother me.

Things have been a little busy around here, I've started taking an at-home Nutrition and Wellness Consultant course, will take a Weight Management Consultant course after that, and a Sports Nutrition Consultant course after that. There are six months alloted for each course but I'm hoping to take less time than that to finish, though the "suggested schedule" has me reading over 150 pages in a week so we'll see.

I've also been hanging out with some awesome ladies I've met here and am going to SpouseBuzz Live at Fort Stewart with them at the end of October! Well, that's if one of them remembers to look at the website to see what it's all about :)

Eric and I have been quite the sports fanatics around here and headed to the Packers-Falcons game in Atlanta last weekend. Yeah Packers!!!! They won (obviously haha) and there were so many Packer's fans there, I couldn't believe it! I'm not sure if that's how all away games are or it was an Atlanta thing but it was definitely way cheaper (and easier to get) for tickets here versus Lambeau. If you're not a sports fan here's the skinny on Wisconsin..Packers are 6-0 and Superbowl Champs, the Brewers were on their way to the World Series (sadly that attempt ended last night) and Badger football is 6-0. It's a great time to be from Wisconsin :)

Now it's time for a pizza and wine and woodchuck night with Eric because it's his birthday today!! Tomorrow I have to be up bright and early because I joined the local Master's swim team and practice is at 5am..yikes!


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