Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Week Ahead

Eric is in the field this week and next week, but will be home for the weekend, so I have plenty of things planned to keep myself busy. A few days ago I found the blog - A Bowl Full Of Lemons - if you're into organizing I highly recommend going to check her out.

I stumbled across her Home Managment Binder project and immediately had to do it. Really, I started the project a few days ago and am pretty much finished. It's a 3-ring binder with different categories that help run a household. I've included a calendar, menu planning, cleaning, medical, financial, Sonie (the puppy), auto, and important documents sections. I think this is a great thing to have if we ever have an emergency or need to evacuate for some reason. I want to do a post dedicated to this project so I won't go into too much detail but I promise it's amazing.

There are so many fun things on A Bowl Full of Lemons and I can't wait to get started on them this week. Hopefully I can come back with a few before and after pictures to share :)

Over the weekend Eric and I started looking into hotels for our honeymoon, we are planning on going to the Cayman Islands so if anyone has any tips or recommendation I would love to hear them! I hope everyone has a great (short!) week!


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  1. Hi! Came across your blog on 20-something bloggers!

    I'm an Army girlfriend of a few years and seeing a young Army wife is reassuring because well, where I currently live there aren't many army significant others. Isn't it great how the internet brings us together lol.

    Anywho, I hope yours and your guy's honeymoon is perfect when it rolls around!