Thursday, September 8, 2011

I Know This Is Bad...

But it's just too hilarious not to tell!!

A few weeks ago Eric and I headed to Chill, a frozen yogurt place in town. After consuming spoonful after spoonful of deliciously tasting yumminess we headed out to the car holding hands. Walking in front of us, but slower so we started to catch up, was a mom with her two (maybe 3?) young kids.

The youngest was a boy about four and he was hard core staring at us. We found it cute and smiled at him and he continued to stare as he slowed more and more behind his mom while she dragged him by the hand. The mom still had the hand of the youngest boy but used her car clicker to open the side door of her minivan so the older kid(s) could climb in.

Eric and I were still smiling at the young boy as we walked past and he walked head first into the back edge of the door as it slid open. His head bounced off of it because he walked straight into it.

It. was. hilarious. I know, I know I'm a terrible person but how do you not laugh at that!?! Especially when the mom had no idea the kid was staring at us, thus not looking in front of him, so was all like "oh my gosh, what happened? how did you walk into the door?" BAHAHAHA.

Now for fun I'll randomly say to Eric, "Hey, want to hear something funny? Remember when that kid walked into the car door!!" He laughs hysterically every time.



  1. OOO Bad, but funny! I saw a dad carrying a little girl on his shoulders and walking toward the mall exit. Dad must've been a little over 6' and with her he was at least 7' she SMACKED into the top of the automatic door... ohhh was it funny. Mom was pissed, dad was laughing.

  2. Im laughing to funny. but most importantly I think i need to go get some frozen yogurt now