Monday, August 15, 2011

Complaint of the Day

I love the area that we live in, Columbus is beautiful and southern charm is very real here, but there is one thing that is quickly getting on my nerves. I started lifeguarding at the YMCA last week as a means to pay my student loans while still looking for a "real" job. I work the 6 am shift and most everyone that comes in is over the age of 65. I think it's great and everyone is so nice and has so many stories to tell. Many of the men are retired military and many of the women are retired military wives. Obviously this is something we have in common so the military comes up often.

Twice now though, I have had been told how it would be better for my husband to make the Army a career than try and work in the civilian world. The first time this happened it was a guy telling me how great the benefits were and how much his wife will make a month when he kicks the bucket. Don't get me wrong, money is extremely important but it is not everything.  The second time was a girl who had a bachelors degree but never really used it because she moved around with her husband.

I am not fit to be a supporting role, nor can I adapt to that lifestyle. I went to college for a reason, I want a career of my own and keeping the house clean and making dinner every night is not a measure of success for me. Don't get me wrong, I fully support those who choose to stay at home and are happy with it because they are doing what makes them happy. I am not happy being at home. I worked hard through high school and college to earn a degree and I did not spend thousands of dollars on my education to be a temp worker.

Eric does not want to make the Army his career and I fully support his decision. Partly because it will be easier for me to have a career as well but mostly because that's what will make him happy. If he chooses to stay in longer than his current contract I will be happy too, but right now that is not our plan.


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