Monday, August 22, 2011

Bang Bang

Hello, it's been a busy few weeks over here so I'm going to give a quick update in one of my favorite forms..a bullet list (get the title now, bang bang? haha)

  • I failed at NaNoWriMo, but I'm not giving up on the book. I needed some time away from the story because I was writing garbage and even a single day off puts you so far behind. I like what I've got so far but it needed some more thought put in it and it just wouldn't come to me. 
  • Eric, the dog and I just got back from a weekend in Panama City Beach for his softball tournament. It was fun, I made friends with a few of the wives, and we got to take Sonie to the ocean. She loved going to the beach but wasn't too big on the waves. I wasn't too big on going in the water either after we saw a jelly fish on Friday night and then again on Sunday. And then watched a family catch six of them in their net, no thank you. 
  • My sister-in-law had an emergency c-section on August 12, but wasn't due until the middle of October. The baby is still in the hospital but she seems to be doing better every day.
  • The Army royally pissed me off, and I took it out on Eric..oops, when they told Eric he couldn't take leave in September. We were planning on driving home with the dog to spend a few days on the lake at my grandparents house and a few days in our hometown with his family. Oh, and this was after he was pretty much told he would be good to go. Now we are trying to get home any way we can, including going the week before, but even though that's a short week away Eric can't get an answer on if he can take leave. 
  • I went golfing for the second time and did much better, but still not very good. 
  • Our air conditioning went out again, thankfully it was fixed because the poor pups was home alone since Eric and I had to be at work. 
  • I've switched over our air freshners/scentsy to autum smells and I love it. I'm a warm weather girl all the way but I love the smell of fall.
Now for some pictures :)

 Car ride down to Florida
 Out on the pier
 My hot sexy husband playing softball
A parrot at dinner at Regge J's
 Beach dog


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