Monday, August 29, 2011

Angry Andrea

I just ate way too much cereal and vanilla soy milk for lunch so I thought it would be a great time to stay sitting on the couch and do some writing :)

If any of you are my Twitter friends, and if you're not find me through the link to the right!, you have seen that I've been complaining about the stupid Army ruining our plans recently. Here's a little back story and a more extensive explanation because I'm not done complaining about it yet. While Eric and I were doing last minute wedding preparations in June my mom mentioned the idea of having us come home for Labor Day weekend. She offered to pay for one of our tickets home so we could come back and head up to my grandparents to spend the weekend on the lake. They have a pontoon boat and we have two jet skis and I've spent many many summers out on the water there. We anchor near shore and spend all day in the sun and shade either taking the jet skis out, water skiing, wakeboarding, tubing or just hanging out. It is one of my favorite things to do and I so badly wanted to share this experience with Eric since last summer he was at basic and AIT and wasn't able to come home.

Our plans had to change a little when we got a dog but Eric found out he had more leave time built up than he though so we planned on driving home to spend the week instead of the weekend. He was told he would most likely be able to take leave and I couldn't wait to go, especially since they are talking about deploying next spring/summer.

About three weeks before we are suppose to go Eric found out they aren't allowed to take any leave in September but they would still have the 4-day weekend for Labor Day. Saying I was upset/mad is an understatement and I know I shouldn't have but I took it out on Eric. He tried to change his leave to the last week in August so we could still be home and spend part of the Labor Day weekend there but it took forever to hear an answer and again that was a no. We tried one last attempt and he asked for just the 4-day off to fly home but again he was told no.

I am still so angry about this. Everyone keeps saying "well that's the Army for you, just have to wait till later." But we can't do this later, it will be too cold in Wisconsin to go out on the lake which means we have to wait until next summer. If Eric deploys that means next summer is out of the question and again would have to put it off another year. My grandparents are healthy but two more years is a long time to wait, who knows what will happen and if we'll even have the jet skis still, they aren't very young either.

Every time I think about this I get mad all over again. I really don't want to ruin the holiday weekend we get to spend together so I am going to try and stay positive. On Friday we are planning on renting bikes and riding down the Chattahoochee River Walk. Hopefully this happens and I'll have pictures to share after :) 



  1. Oh gosh that stinks! I hope you guys still have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I 100% feel your pain. The USMC has made me cancel so many things this past month it's not even funny. Sure I'm supposed to be Semper Gumby, but there's only so much a girl can take!!! I feel your pain! But have fun on your bike ride! Make the best of it!