Monday, July 11, 2011

We're Puppy Parents!

Eric and I both grew up with family dogs and have talked about owning a dog of our own some day. About two weeks ago the topic came up again and Eric and I both said we wanted to wait until I got a job, and with the way my job search was going, it was going to be a while. A few days after that conversation we went to a "sports day" for his unit at a park and a lot of people brought their dogs with. That got us talking about dogs again and he said that it might not be a bad idea to get a puppy while I don't have a job since I can be home all day with it. We went home that night and searched the pet adoption websites and stumbled upon an adorable lab mix named Sunshine.

I sent an email out that night to get more information and called the next day while Eric was at work. The girl that answered the phone said we could come look at her anytime and fill out the pre-adoption form in person. I set up an appointment for that night and Eric and I drove to see her when he got home from work. She was so cute and really well behaved!! We were able to play with her inside for a bit and I filled out the adoption form. When my family adopted our dog a few years ago we had to fill out the form and then wait to be approved so I was a little surprised the girl was going to let us take her that day if we wanted her. We really liked her but were going to Panama City Beach for the 4th of July weekend so we couldn't take her right away. We ended up walking her around outside for a bit and when we got back in asked if we could take her for the night to see how she was in our apartment. They gladly agreed and we took her home that Friday night.

We took her to Petco before we went home and got her a bed, treats, a bone, and a few toys for the night. She did great that night and we were sad to bring her back but told them when we got back from PCB on Tuesday we wanted to come back and take her for good. We headed back home that day and bought her a crate and a few more things before we left for the weekend.

When we picked her up on Tuesday she was excited to see us and things have been great since. She's really well behaved, loves to cuddle, and is mostly potty trained with only a few accidents. She's about 7 months old and we are absolutely in love her. We thought about changing her name because we weren't to excited about "Sunshine" but ended up going with Sunny and then changing the spelling to Sonie. (Eric likes names to be spelt different haha).

In the car on the ride home the first night

Feeling right at home on our couch
Laying against the cool tub in the guest bathroom

We gave in and let her up on the bed, as you can see she loves it :)
"Yey, dad's home from work!!"

Chewing on the bone Grandma sent her in my birthday package

Passed out on Eric



  1. YAY for getting a puppy! Sonie's a cutie! I had a puppy names Sunny (for sunshine) growing up cause of her color:)

  2. How sweet! And watch out, once they get a taste for the bed, they never want off! My dog is always begging to come on the bed with us and when my husband goes to PT, I let him ;)

  3. Yay, congrats on the new addition! She is so cute!