Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Chronicles of a Puppy Mom

The other morning I brought the dog outside to do her business, she's got this weird habit of scooting around as she poops so it sometimes takes her a while to go and then I have to follow behind her and pick it all up. It was funny the first time but now it's mostly annoying. Because we live in apartment she's always on a leash and so I can't clean up after her until she's done going since she's moving around. After she finished I noticed there were a ton of flies already buzzing around and as I bent down I noticed there were worms. I was hoping they popped up out of the grass like the flies but when I noticed them again the next morning I knew I had to call the vet.

I brought her in with a sample and it turns out our sweet pups has two types of worms, poor girl. Thankfully only one dewormer pill was needed and I gave it to her as soon as we got home. We go back next week for a follow up with another sample but she also has to get a booster shot and then a blood draw to test for heartworm. Back home in Wisconsin the vets we've gone to don't start dogs on heartworm until they are a year so I assumed we were good until she turns one in January. Apparently in Georgia they start them right away so she got that pill today too.

When we brought her home from the rescue shelter we were told she was about 30 pounds, when they weighed her today she was 46 pounds! Woah, we've only had her for about 2 1/2 weeks! Either the shelter was way off or the girl is growing like a weed, I'm hoping it's the first thing because we don't want her to end up being a huge dog. Now she's resting after an exciting trip on post and I'm trying to get things done before she wakes up and wants to play again.



  1. Aww what a cute dog!! So sorry she has worms:( not super uncommon with shelter rescues, at least she has a good home now with a mommy to take care of her:)
    Where are in GA? I'm a future Navy wife moving to Kings Bay sub base area soon. How do you like Georgia?

  2. Just found you through a random "you should follow these people" click on Twitter!