Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I'm A Mrs.!

We did it, we're married!! As I type I'm laying in my bed for the last night before I move to Georgia tomorrow. These last few weeks and months have been hectic but the wedding was amazing, my hubby looked handsome, and everyone had a great time :) I'll leave you with a quick picture recap and after we get a bit settled in our place/Eric's away at work and I'm stuck at our apartment looking for a job blogging, I'll do more wedding recap posts.

At rehearsal on Friday

Getting ready, I LOVED my dress :)
My sister and I before the ceremony

Time to celebrate

Sorority sisters (Megan on the left and my little in the sorority, Sam, on the right)

Cutting the cake

Dancing with my dad

Our first dance



  1. Fabulous pictures! Congrats on being a Mrs!

  2. Beautiful pictures! Your dress is gorgeous :) Congratulations!!