Sunday, May 15, 2011

When Something Can Go Wrong...

It will go wrong.

The wedding is now a short 27 days away and we are busy busy busy getting things ready. Our rehearsal dinner will be at our house, hopefully in the backyard if the weather cooperates, as will the gift opening on Sunday.

As soon as the many feet of snow melted this past February/March my dad headed out to the backyard only to find that our pool was starting to collapse. We knew we would have to tear it down eventually but the spring before the wedding was not exactly good timing. Then came all of the terrible, cold weather we've had around here. Friday it was 87 degrees, this weekend? In the 40's. All that bad weather has meant getting the pool and deck tore down, the hole filled in, putting up fence where the deck was and making the yard look pretty is having to be rushed to get it done on time.

Then about two weeks ago my dad got really sick and I basically didn't see him for the three days because he was in bed. It started with a double ear infection and then got serious when he realized he couldn't move half of his face. He wasn't too concerned that it was a stroke, for any of you who know the signs of a stroke that's one of them and you don't mess around with that. Back to his doctor he went and the doctor threw out some pretty scary words, including Huntington's. His doctor also told him he wanted to eliminate anything that could kill him and sent him to the eye doctor that same day and then for a ct scan of his brain. He was sent to the eye doctor because he couldn't shut his one eye but thankfully at the end of the day my dad was told by both the eye doctor and his regular doctor that he had Bell's Palsy and that it was nothing to be concerned about. The eye doctor said as soon as his ear infection cleared up his face would be back to normal.

A follow up appointment a few days later brought some good news and bad news. The good news is the onset of his symptoms was slow, the bad news is it's not Bell's Palsy he has, but Ramsey Hunt. Now it could possibly be weeks before he would heal instead of days and there's a chance he won't 100% recover from it. So for now he talks kind of funny, can't shut his one eye, and has to drink out of a straw so nothing spills out of his mouth. We are really hoping he's back 100% by the wedding but only time will tell. In the mean time we are getting all of the final details worked out and tomorrow Eric and I should have an apartment figured out. I am so excited to get down to Georgia so having a move-in date is going to be great.

Sorry again for the lack of pictures. Soon, I promise!

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