Friday, April 15, 2011

Hey Time, Slow Down!

Oh my goodness is time ever flying by. I can't believe how long it's been since I've written last, oh wait, yes I can. Quite a few of you that I follow on twitter talk about Army Wives and I finally decided it was time I start watching it.

My sister has a Netflix account and she so graciously gave me the password to her account online since all of the seasons are on instant watch. I'm in the beginning of season 4 and love love love it, even if almost every episode makes me cry. Hopefully I can get back to writing, and reading, when I finish this season.

Speaking of reading, I'm going to make this short but I am slowly catching up on the blogs I follow since I haven't had a chance to read for the past few weeks. Jessica's story absolutely breaks my heart and I was so shocked when I read her post. A few other bloggers have commented on this and how amazing it is that the blogging community came together and left over 200 encouraging comments for her. I really hope she gets to read them someday and see just how much support she has behind her. It still amazes me how awesome all of you are that I have found through blogging and now twitter.

I don't want to end this on sad note so here's a quick wedding update. We are getting married 8 weeks from tomorrow. EIGHT WEEKS!! Holy moly bat man! We have everything ready for the invites to be mailed out but are waiting on the stamps to get here. As soon as those arrive those puppies are getting sent out so I can cross that huge to-do off my list. My bridesmaids' dresses came in but they had to be sent back because one of them was cut from a different dye lot and was slightly off in color. I'm trying not to freak out yet but I still don't know a new ship date. Otherwise things are moving along nicely and Eric will be home for Easter weekend so hopefully we can get a few more things done.

Time to get my lazy butt to the gym since I haven't worked out since Monday. For any of you married ladies, did you go tanning before your wedding? If you did how soon before did you start going and how often? I'm a huge advocate against fake baking but I think I might need to make my wedding an exception.

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  1. I got married in August, so I already had a tan from the summer. But, about a month/month and a half before the wedding I had to work on getting rid of my tan lines.

    Congrats on being so close to the big day!!