Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Our Future Home

As I've mentioned quite a few times since my last trip to Georgia, I can't wait to get there! To be living in Georgia, married and in the same house :) We are on a priority waiting list for 3 of our choices of apartments and will most likely hear some time by May which ones are available for us to choose from.
Since I was there last, I spend quite the unhealthy amount time daydreaming of what our home will look like with us living in it. I use to look at interior design magazines and websites and droll over some of the things I would see and think some day. Well, that some day is soon! And I know what city it will be in, and who I will happily be living with :)
Today Amanda over at Amanda & Don posted some gorgeous pictures from lonnymag.com. If you've never been there you need to go! This got me in the day dreaming mood again and I decided I would love a classic yellow, white and gray living room. Well, leave it to the man of said future home to crush those dreams like an unwelcome ant at a summer picnic.
After some discussion we decided upon a red and black color scheme for the living room and I can have my dream color scheme in our future baby's room. So I continued on my day dreaming journey and here are a few things I'm loving!


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  1. love the red throw pillow and the lamp. That would last 5 second in my house before my fur critters put a whole in it though :( lol