Monday, March 7, 2011

Life Update

Not too much going on over in my little corner of blog land. After being down in Georgia with Eric two weeks ago all I can think about is being back there. The good news is I will be soon, as in 10 days soon. But the bad news is that really is all I can think about. I just keep wishing for these days to fly by that when I look back to update you on my life, I have nothing to say!

Last week was not the productive week I had hoped it would be, quite the opposite in fact. I mentioned that I took most of the week off from working out and I think that was a major reason I just had a blah week. However, yesterday I found myself a new routine online to try and I was at the gym a little before 6 am today. The workout went well and my quads are screaming at me with every little move I make. I had to laugh at myself when I finished the workout and thought, "wow, that wasn't as hard as the girl made it look in the videos." About 5 minutes later it dawned on me that I only did 1/3 of the workout. It's set up to be 8 sets x 40 reps x 3. It not a circuit so each set would be done three times in a row. Well, dummy me only did each exercise once through. I don't think I have enough time in the morning to do much more so this week I am going to stick to just one time through each exercise and next Monday when I have off work I'll try for two times and see how long it takes.

My friend Ally, who is in my wedding, is doing my wedding invites and they are almost done! Once they are finalized I'll show you guys a copy :) I started whitening my teeth for the big day and wow were they sensitive yesterday. It was only the first day and I could barely sleep last night because they hurt so bad :( I knew it was going to happen because I used Crest White Strips before I went to see Eric graduate BCT and I'm using the same thing again, only this time I splurged for the most expensive ones. I started them so early because I want to spread them out so I can give my teeth some time to chill out. I'm such a nerd that I've scheduled it in my planner, what can I say, I love my planner!

Now that you all know what a huge nerd I am I'll leave you with that, I hope everyone had a great Monday!

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  1. My teeth are totally sensitive to those things too. Sometimes it was so bad opening my mouth to breath because the air felt so cold and made my teeth ache. But yet I still use them because they do work! I love that you scheduled it in your planner. I'd probably do the same, but I hardly use my planner.