Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wedding Wednesday

Have you ever been to David's Bridal? My mom and I stopped at one while we were shopping down in Illinois this past Saturday because she is still looking for a dress and let me tell you, that place was a zoo!!

I am so glad I never went there to try on a dress. Now I know some people think wedding dresses are one of the biggest wastes of money, and that's great, but to me my dress was important. I am spending more on my dress than I did on my car (okay, my parents paid for 4/5ths of my car haha), but I still don't regret it. I am saving in so many other areas of my wedding because of people we know and hook ups that we have that I felt it was okay to spend the amount I did.

David's Bridal just felt way too chaotic and commercialized to me. There were about 15 girls standing out with dresses they were trying on and I didn't like any of them. When my mom came out of the dressing room in a dress that clearly was not a good look for her the lady said "oh, that looks great!". Really!?! And every place I tried on a dress at set me up in a very large room and literally put the dress on me (they are huge and the help was greatly appreciated). Just my opinion, but I'll take the individualized service over what I saw at David's.

I'm still stuck on whether or not I want to wear a veil. At first I said no, I want a rhinestone-type hair piece and I didn't think a veil would go with it. Now I'm starting to wonder if I will feel like something is missing. Is the veil too much a part of the bride look for me to just ignore.

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I was thinking I liked the poofy look but now maybe I just want something simple and straight? Ahh I don't know! Did you wear a veil?



  1. I hate, hate, hate David's Bridal. My friend and I were shopping for dresses when she stood up in my wedding and we had found a style/color we liked. So we showed the lady, not realizing it was a 'teen' dress. She looked at my friend, looked at the dress and said, "There is NO way you'd get even your arms into this. Let's go look over there." OMG. We so left.

  2. Yeah, I refused to go to David's Bridal. I didn't see any dresses I liked online and my best friend told me about how terrible her experience was there. Plus, when I had to go get a bridesmaids dress from there it was awful.

    However, I wore a veil, just a fingertip and it went underneath my hair style, not over it because I had rhinestone snowflakes that I wanted people to see. I borrowed my best friends and as soon as the ceremony was over, took it off. If you really want to use one, see if you can borrow a friend's. Also, when people hug you and you have your veil, it could destroy your hair style, just saying.

  3. I did look at David's bridal just because I wanted to cover all the bases, for me and my bridesmaids. None of us liked anything. I kept wanted to do something to change the dress...and every time i said that I got dirty looks from the people working there. I loved the boutique where I got my dress...they were so helpful and the service was outstanding!

    As for a veil, I did wear one. Mine was elbow length and I a friend from high school made it (I did pay her for it). It came out for the receiving line, back in for some pictures and the out for the rest of the night.

  4. I wore a custom beaded cathedral length veil. Took it off for the reception and danced the night away!

  5. I love the look of your blog! I may be copying some things! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!