Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wedding Wednesday

Big news...I FOUND A DRESS!! I am so excited and until 11 am this morning I was torn between two that I found this past weekend. But, I've officially picked the one and will be going in tomorrow to get measured and order it.

When I first started looking I picked out a style that I liked and brought a picture into the bridal shop. One of the dresses had a top that I loved and the other one had a bottom that I loved. With no luck at that place I scheduled an appointment for the following weekend (this past weekend) at two more places. The first place I went is not very far from my house and I loved the first dress I tried on. When I walked out my friends Ally and Sarah really loved it and I knew this could definitely be the one.

The next appointment was 3 hours later and at a shop about an hour away. Again I really like the first dress I tried on and thought that I was going to go with this one instead. After thinking about it and looking at the dresses online this past week I realized I was leaning more towards the first one but I wasn't sure. Because my MOH could only make it to the first place, I decided to schedule another appointment to go try on the two dresses again and bring her with. I called around to see if I could find a place that carried both of them but had no luck.

When we got to the place that I figured I was going to order from since it was much closer to my house (and they carry both lines, they just didn't have the other dress in the store to try on) I put on the first dress again. I knew it then that this was the dress I was going with. I walked out and again Sarah told me how much she liked it. The girl I am working with asked for the style number and designer of the other dress and I told her I already called and asked if they had it. She still went and looked and they had it!!! That made it so much easier because I was able to try on one dress right after the other. I walked out in the second one and Sarah said something along the lines of "ooo, I really like that". Crap! But then she said she liked the first one better and she thought that "I wore the first dress, and the dress didn't wear me." I was sold, and even though I can make the decision myself, it was nice to have another opinion.

I called my mom when I got home and she was a little surprised I picked the first dress because she liked the second one a little better. She still likes the one I picked so I can't wait to go and order it tomorrow. I was going to wait till after Christmas to order it but I'll save that story for next time :)

Now I must get going because I have to pick an outfit out for tomorrow because Eric is coming home!!!! He flies in at 9:46am and his dad and I will be waiting for him at the airport, I can't wait to put my arms around him!!


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