Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wedding Wednesday

Nothing wedding-wise has been done this week due to all of the holiday activities but one big thing got started....I went wedding dress shopping!! It was so much fun, even though my friend Megan couldn't make it, and I now know exactly what I am looking for.

I fell in love with the top of one dress and the bottom of the other. Now I just need to find one that has the two put together! I'm a tad bit nervous that I am going to be super picky but hopefully this Saturday I will find one.

On some non-wedding related things, yesterday I was in my car for about an hour between my trip to the gym and home, work and home, and to my second job and home. I heard the song Bottoms Up by Trey Songz four times!! On the same station! I actually kind of the like the song but seriously? The third time I heard it I switched back to my country station but when that went to commercial I went back to the other one and it was on again.

Last night and tonight I had my last two swim lessons for the session and hopefully forever. I ended up co teaching both of my classes because of students requesting me from last session but if I teach again I will not co teach. I mostly like the teachers I taught with but I have too much of that leader personality and I like to just take charge. Both of the other teachers were like me in that way as well and I just got so frustrated sometimes. Like tonight when the teacher said she would do the report cards and then didn't get them done. When she was working on them before class I offered to help but we ran out of time and when all of the parents walked in at the end of class she looked at me and said "did you get the report cards done, you better hurry up!" Okay lady, I know most of these kids have been with you for a year now but you just made me look terrible to the parents. I was a little mad but oh well, the session is over thank goodness.

Now I'm off to research some photographers so we can actually have pictures of our wedding day :) Sorry for the lack of pictures tonight, I know that always makes reading this a little boring. Happy Wednesday!!

oh..a big ps!!: The House passed the repeal on Don't Ask Don't Tell!! Yeah equality!



  1. Oh I hate when radio stations only play a few songs over and over! And yes, I wrote that post just for the 50 free cards, haha! Still haven't ordered them yet...I don't know if I could procratinate any more, lol!

  2. Hi! Stopping by from "Saturday Around The World". My name is Amy and my blog is ...And the Adventure Continues... I'm blogging from Germany! Nice to meet you!