Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wedding Wednesday

Yey, Wedding Wednesday again! Having these weekly posts seems to make the week fly by, which I am totally okay with! I got a few things done this week so I have some real updates this time.

I got with my friend Ally who is doing all of our stationary and what not and we got our save the dates figured out! I'm super excited about them but Eric and I need to get a picture for them while he is home. Ally said she would take our picture so we are going to find time to do a little photo shoot and hopefully figure out a good shot to use.

Because Eric and I picked out a pretty simple cake design we are going to have our baker at work make it. She is going to have one of our chefs help her who used to work for a bakery and make wedding cakes. I saw a few of her pictures and they looked great so that was nice to get checked off the list this week.

Our cake design

We're still looking into a photographer and DJ but hopefully, cross your fingers, that will be figured out before the end of the year. Time is running out so we need to get those booked asap. Today I called to make an appointment to try on wedding dresses, yey!!!!!, and the girl laughed when I told her my date and joked that I needed to get a move on. After I told her we've only been engaged for a month she said we were totally fine and planning a wedding in that time is definitely do able. Thank god for that because that bridal shop offers planning services as well so if any one should know, it would be her.

Speaking of getting a move on, next time I do a Wedding Wednesday post it will be less than six months until our wedding! Oh my gosh that is such a crazy thought, I can't wait though!  <3



  1. I love the cake design!! So simple and classy and pretty! Have fun trying on dresses!! I had so much fun doing that :)

  2. I also loved trying on dresses. It was so much fun! And when I put my dress on, I knew it was the one I wanted to wear on my wedding day.