Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wedding Wednesday

Not too much to update since practically nothing is done. And please don't remind me that we get married in a short six months and a handful of days. I'm slowy, very very slowly, working on the guest list. Eric has internet now so he is going to look over the list his aunt sent me and get it to his parents to add to it if need be.

O, I did go to a bridal show! It was very small though, less than 15 vendors, but it was still fun and amusingly awkward at times. This guy had a table there offering his DJ services but for some reason was also advertising his children books. He also does children shows and felt the need to demonstrate his "character" for my mom and I. Yeah, I threw away his brochure as soon as we got home.

I found a super cute idea for a guest book and I am still debating whether or not we should do it, but leaning very heavily towards the "go for it" side.

I'm not going to lie, I stole this picture off google images. My bad. 

It's a tree and the guests would choose from three different colored green inks to "leaf" their thumbprint and name.  Isn't that such a cool idea!?! Ours would be a little different from the one pictured above. Obviously it wouldn't say family tree but I would like it to have our names and wedding date so we can frame it and hang it up as art work :) I also want there to be two tree trunks wound together to represent the both of us. My friend Ally is a super awesome artist, and will be doing all of my save the dates, invites, etc., and I asked her if she would be willing to draw us the tree. My only hesitation with this is drunk adults and young children, I would hate to have a big green thumb print smudge across the page. I think I'm going to just hope for the best and go with this idea because I love it so much.

Eric is coming home from Christmas, for almost two weeks!, so I'm hoping to get a few things crossed off our never ending list while he's home. I got a little worried tonight when he told me he was coming home for that long because our county requires a five day waiting period between apply for a marriage license and actually getting married. And because the county building/office is closed on weekends I thought we were going to have to wait over a week and I didn't know if Eric would have enough leave saved up. Thankfully I called today and was told for an extra $25 fee we can get our marriage license the day we apply for it. Lovely, all is well in the wedding world again and Eric can come home for a long Christmas break without (me) worrying if he'll be able to make it for our wedding :)

This turned out much longer than I thought it was going to be but hopefully next week I'll have a few more updates!


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  1. I LOVE that tree!! That's such a cute idea!! We're not doing a guest book. After talking to lots of coworkers who have been married for many years, I was told that no one ever goes back and looks at guest books. Another coworker said that her bridal planner suggested a big picture frame, with a thick border for guests to sign and put their well wishes, and then a wedding picture goes in the center. We are totally doing this and I am so excited for it!!!