Sunday, December 12, 2010

Just Snow Already

This week there were reports that we were going to get hit with a pretty big storm in Wisconsin depending on which way the winds took it. Well, the winds took it a bit north of here and thanks to the lovely Lake Michigan it rained here yesterday. I know I say that I hate winter and can't wait to be living down south but when it feels like 26 degrees outside I think I'd just rather have the damn snow. 

The weather reports started out saying we would get 1-3", then on Saturday afternoon the Winter Weather Advisory changed to a Winter Storm Warning with reports of 4-7", then later that afternoon that warning changed to a Blizzard Warning. Then the news all night said the cold rain would change to snow by midnight and we could expect 4-7". Well guess what folks, I woke up this morning and you could still see the damn grass. It is snowing now and the wind is just howling out there but our blizzard warning got canceled and apparently were supposed to get 4" of lake effect snow now.

Well, whatever happens today I am spending it snuggled inside with a hot cup of chai tea patiently waiting for December 23rd when handsome gets home.


  1. Want to come here? We got about 20 inches! ughhhh

  2. I'm in MI on the other side of the lake and it rained all day here yesterday. We were supposed to get a bunch of snow last night, but I'm still waiting. Apparently we're still in some watch for this afternoon and tomorrow. We'll see...