Saturday, November 27, 2010

Holiday Weekend

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I ate tons of delicious food and had a great time. The only thing missing was Eric but he'll be home for Christmas so no complaints only a few complaints from me :)

I'm not very into the whole Black Friday thing, and I"m poor and have all of my Christmas shopping done, so I finally had the chance to go see Harry Potter. I loved it! I was going to re-read the book again before we went but I didn't have time. Ally and I were talking about this when we walked into the movie and we decided it was probably better because then we wouldn't be annoyed by all of the little inconsistencies.

Last night I spent way way way too many hours re-designing my blog but I love the new look and I hope you all enjoy it too. While I was doing that my mom put up our Christmas tree downstairs so now I am so excited for Christmas! We still have to put the ornaments on but that takes forever because she has so many of them. I can't wait till next year when Eric and I can start doing these kind of things together as husband and wife :) Thinking about that just makes me so incredibly happy (and also kind of like, woah, when did I get old enough to be a wife?!?)

Most of today is probably going to be spent laying around because I caught a cold from somewhere and it's given me a terrible headache. Hopefully it goes away soon though because I am going to dinner tonight with Ally and Sarah (hi Sarah!)

I was going to say I hope everyone had a great weekend but then I just noticed that it's only Saturday, I definitely thought it was Sunday! Well, I hope everyone continues to enjoy their weekend!



  1. Hello! Stopping in from Germany and Amanda and Dons Saturdays around the world. I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving and hopefully your cold goes away soon! =)

  2. Hi, I am stopping in from Washington via Amanda and Dons Saturday around the world. I love you blog layout it is so cute. I am also a new follower and I am looking forward to reading more about you.