Monday, October 4, 2010

Goodbye Clouds

Finally...finally! I convinced my parents to let me paint my room. Let me restate that, I convinced my mother that it was finally time to put the energy into the act of painting.  When I younger, about 11 or 12, my favorite color was yellow. I was tired of the sunflower theme to my bedroom and wanted to color it up a bit, so why not paint my room yellow? And, to go along with that beautiful color, why not paint my ceiling blue and put some white popcorn-looking clouds on it? Don't get me wrong, I loved how it turned out. When I was 12. Not so much when I am 23.

I was never the extremely organized type, pretty much almost the opposite you could say.  My room was always a disaster - clothes, books, papers, blah blah blah...everywhere! But throughout college I found the cleaner and more organized I was the easier it was to get other things done. This new neat freak in me grew and I now consider myself quite the organized lady. A big part of my new organized life over the past few years has involved throwing away things I don't need. And cleaning out my closet and dressers of clothes I no longer wear. I've even let my organizing self take a trip down to the very cluttered basement to begin cleaning and condensing my 23 years of life so it is not scattered in a million different containers. 

Another big motivator to get my life in the basement organized was realizing that I am eventually going to be moving out, not sure when, but I know it will probably be to wherever Eric ends up. And unlike college, I do not plan on returning home. So this next move will be for real and when that eventually happens (hopefully sooner rather than later :) ) I want to be ready.  Over the past year or so I"ve slowly been getting rid of more and more clothes that I don't wear and they always end up in the basement.  I went through all of my "goodwill/garage sale" clothes and condensed them into 4 huge containers. Four! Yikes, that's a lot of clothes I don't wear anymore.

I feel so much better when I am organized and I am happy to finally be rid of my 12 year old bedroom.  My red and black theme sort of clashed with my yellow walls and my room didn't feel put together.  On Saturday morning, after jokingly telling my mother then night before to pick up paint on her way home because we were finally painting or she was going to have to live with the results of me doing it on my own, we went and picked out a grey paint color and got to work.  It helped a ton that my room was already clean so it only took about 20 minutes to get everything out of my room and then about 5 hours from washing the walls to the final touch up. The color is a bit darker than we had anticipated but I am starting to come around to it. I was a little unhappy that it turned out blue/purple but oh well. I haven't hung anything up on my walls yet because my dad has been busy, the bare grey walls are kind of depressing and they make my room feel so cold. Hopefully with my picture ledges and other things up it will look a lot better and a bit more "homey".
 The very beginning of painting. I will post a picture of the finished look as soon as I get my stuff hung up :)

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  1. Visiting from Saturday around the World, a little late, but here anyway! I live in your blog. TOO CUTE! Can't wait to keep reading.