Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thoughtless Thursdays

Sometimes I am absolutely clueless as to how I can't get a job when people continue to work, doing one stupid thing after the other.  I understand that I am competing with about 5 years worth of college graduates, and that only continues to increase with time, but sometimes having that experience isn't all that it's cracked up to be.  I just wish I could get past the sending in my cover letter and resume part and onto the actual interview.  Maybe then someone would see that lowly me with not much real world experience would be a much better fit than someone who worked for a year or two or five and was then laid off.

Case in point, I am going over my annual review at the Y with my boss (that was supposed to be done in March), and I am discussing my many suggestions that I have.  Thankfully she recognizes that I take the initiative and actually suggest improvements, which she earlier praised me for, which means she must hear some of what I am saying.  So I kindly point out that I feel we need actual face "masks" not face "shields" in case we need to do CPR or rescue breathing since we are required to be Red Cross CPR certified and the Red Cross course teaches you this using a face mask. (There's a huge difference between a mask and a shield but I won't waste your time going into what they are, just know it's important and imperative should an emergency arise) So I bring this up to her during my review, after already suggesting it months prior, and low and behold she pulls out a bag of actual face masks!

Oh my goodness, I was so shocked that she had actually finally gotten them.  Well that shock wore off quickly when I thought, well why the hell are they hidden under a pile of papers on your desk in your locked office!? Oh, silly me, it's because she hasn't labeled them.  Yeah, there's 3 of them and all she needs to do is put YMCA in marker on the case but she "hasn't found the time to do that".  So, you're telling me that taking the 5 or so seconds to label these isn't high priority for you!?! Good to know.

Next week is my last week of lifeguarding but I will stay on the aquatics staff as a swim instructor, which means I still have to deal with this boss.  So, I have come up with a new way to limit my ranting while still being allowed to complain, Thoughtless Thursdays.  Here I will post one stupid/ dumb/ignorant/completely idiotic thing my boss has done.  Yeah, you might not care, but it feels good to write it out and I know I have enough material to last me until 2025 :)

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  1. Sneak in her office and label them :)