Saturday, September 18, 2010

30 Days of Me - Day 30

Whatever Tickles Your Fancy

I made it to the end, and with only two late posts (I think). As much as this got kind of old I'll miss having a topic to write about everyday, but even on "whatever" days I find that I always have something to say :)

And, today it's about Eric [[again, I know...but he's just so cute!]]  Haha, actually today I'm choosing to write about Eric because it's our 6 month anniversary.  Yey for making it to half a year, not that I thought the relationship wouldn't last, but because that means we are almost to the end of his long journey into the Army. Now we just need to get through the next three and a half years and we'll be good haha.

I've read a few milspouses say that basic training was the hardest part because of the lack of communication, I sure as heck hope so.  Part of me wonders though, if and when Eric gets deployed, how in the world am I going to survive without him for that long?  I know we've made it to almost 6 months of him being gone but I got to see him, and touch him, and kiss him for four glorious days.  Now four days might not seem like a lot to some of you, but those two weekends with him got me through the following two months without him.  Skype is great and all but if he's gone for a year just seeing him on the computer screen isn't going to be enough.

I know I should focus on now and not worry about what might happen in the future but I'm a planner, and I got to thinking about this when I realized how impatient I am getting waiting for him to come home.  Maybe it's because we are so close?  Sometimes I think to myself "oh my goodness, only one more month! I remember when it was one month until his bct graduation and look how fast that month went!" but sometimes I think "oh my goodness, 30-some more odd days until I can hug him again.  these 30 days are the slowest days of my life"  The day he comes home will eventually get here, and I'll probably look back and think that the month flew by, but damn am I getting antsy.

Today Eric and I got to spend almost five hours"together", whether it was watching a movie over skype or talking on the phone.  It was a good day.  I know the distance and time apart is going to be hard [[and probably harder on him since I actually get to be at home]] but I couldn't be more proud of what Eric is doing and I know we'll get through it.  We just have to take it one slow day at a time :)

I love you babe and the past six months have been simply amazing w/you <3

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