Thursday, September 16, 2010

30 Days of Me - Day 28

Your Year in Great Detail 

To spare you all the not-so-thrilling details, I will only share what has gone on in my boring life since January. And, only two more days of this..thank goodness.

January - Well, nothing too exciting happened in January because I can't remember it haha. I can't even think of what I did for New Years Eve, really, I am totally drawing a blank.  Oh yes, I remember one thing.  I went on my first "post-college" job interview that didn't involve lifeguarding.  I didn't get the job but I'm okay with it.  Sadly I have not been on another interview since.  Oh! And now I remember my New Year's plans, I just went out with the girls and we had a great time ending the night dancing at the Boat House with the oldies that were still out at 12:01 haha.

February - Another pretty boring month, but I know that this is the month I saw Eric for the first time :)

March - Now this was a very good month.  It involved a lot of Eric and the beginning of the best relationship I have ever been in, and the last one I ever plan on being in because he's a keeper.  At the end of March I also went on my first spring break trip (I know, I know..I'm not in college anymore.  I never went on a spring break trip when I was though and Sara is still in school so it counts!)  We went to Vegas for five days and had a blast! 

April - Oh April, you were both good and bad to me.  The first two weeks of April were great, I saw Eric almost every day and I think we both said "I love you" for the first time.  I also had to say goodbye in April, on April 12th to be exact.  It was hard, I hated it, and cried more than I have before in my life.  I had a hard time getting use to my days without him but I knew they were hard because he meant so much to me.  April 15th was the last time we talked on the phone for almost 50 days.

May - Lots and lots of letter writing went on in May.  I also had my last day at the Y for the summer and started up at the beach again.  I was promoted to Assistant Beach Manager and was more than thrilled with the pay rate that went along with it :)  May 24th was the one month mark until I got to see Eric and I could finally see the end!  And on the last day of May he finally got to call me!  I was at work and had terrible service so when I saw that I had a voicemail I knew it would be from him.  I was SO mad and upset that I missed his call but when I called back his phone was still on and we got to talk.  It was a short conversation and to be honest, I really couldn't hear a damn thing he said, but I was the happiest girl on earth that day.

June - Okay, I am sure a lot went on in June but the only thing that's worth mentioning is Eric's basic training graduation and seeing him for that first time, and giving him that first hug and kiss.  I love that moment, I don't think I will ever forget it. You can read more about that weekend here. (I know, it says part one but I never got around to writing part two haha)

July - Why hello 23rd birthday, I'm more a fan of even numbers but my 23rd year of life has been good to me.  July went fast with working, lots of birthdays and lots of talking to Eric.  He has his phone at AIT and we have talked every day since his graduation. 

August - Hmm, what to say about August.  Just more working, thanking God that we finally had a really warm summer but wishing for just one slow day at the beach.  Last summer was unusually and depressingly cold which meant we had days where not a single person would show up.  This summer we were unusually and beautifully warm but we never had a slow day and the only time it seemed to rain was at night.  I also got to fly down to see Eric for the weekend and it was one of the best 48 hours of my life.  Being with him for that weekend and spending all that time together really let me know that him and I were meant to be (I say "all that time" like it was a lot, but when you only get to see him every few months 2 days without being apart is a lot to this girl).  Nothing about that weekend could have made it more perfect, even being locked out of the condo didn't bother me because he was there and I was there and that was all that mattered.  Goodness, when did I become such a sap? I love it though!

September - Well here we are, a little more than half way through the month and it's been.....okay.  Eric and I had hoped I would be able to visit him this weekend but things didn't work out so I won't be seeing him this month.  However, he did finally download skype so being apart got just a little bit easier.  Other than that not too much is going on, just trying to survive the long days until he gets home next month :)

The rest of the year - This year sure has been a crazy one, but a very VERY good one.  I didn't expect to meet the man I'm meant to spend the rest of my life with while sitting bored out of my mind at work, but it happened.  I didn't expect to fall in love with a man who was joining the Army, but it happened.  I didn't expect October to come because when Eric left in April it felt impossibly far away, but it will happen and he will be home again soon. Who knows what the rest of the year will bring [well, I have an idea..but I'll let you all in on that as it happens :) ] but I am sure it will be filled with happiness and a lot of good memories.  And who's excited for Christmas!?!

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