Tuesday, September 14, 2010

30 Days of Me - Day 26

Your Week in Great Detail

Sunday - Got up way too early after texting way too late with Eric the night before (but don't worry, you're always worth it babe).  Getting up early was okay though because we were heading up the my grandparent's house on the lake for the last day out on the water for the summer.  When we got there we picked a ton of pears off their pear trees for them and then had lunch before heading out on the water.  We were only going to take one jet ski out so my dad could check it because it was leaking so I rode with my grandparents and mom out to the lake. (They live on the channel, which is on a cove, which leads to the big lake..so we always take the boat out for the day and anchor along the shore)  Well when we got to our usual spot another boat was parked there and I ended up having to get in and goodness the water was freezing.  My dad ended up bringing the one jet ski back it because it was still leaking and bringing out our newer one instead.  After we got back in for the day we brought the jet ski lift all the way out of the water to drain the leaking one and then dropped them back in to see if there was a crack in the hull.  Apparently a crack in the hull would mean the jet ski would be garbage so it was good to find out that's not whats causing the leak but were still not sure what is.  We took the jet skis out of the water for the year :( and then had a steak dinner before we left.  Oh, and the Packers won!  On the drive home I got to text with Eric the whole time so that was really nice. 

Monday - I guarded at the Y from 11 till 330 and it was pretty slow.  Then I lifted and ran before my swim lesson at 515.  My kids are super cute and I am really excited for this session and hoping to maybe pick up a few more classes if they become available. Before Eric had to get to bed we skyped for about a half hour.

Tuesday - I guarded 11-1, yeah a whole whopping 2 hours haha, then ran outside.  My shins are on fire now, I think I'll be sticking to the treadmill from now on.  I came home and did a super deep clean in my bathroom for about an hour and now everything is shiny and sparkling and organized!  I was never a very neat person earlier in life but lately I love to organize things :) After cleaning I ran to Target to get a few things and then came home and repainted my nails to a gold-ish color and skyped with Eric for about an hour.  He wants to skype every night this week and I am totally okay with that.  I love being able to see him.

Wednesday - I guard 8-1 and I am not looking forward to getting up early.  I've been lucky and have been able to sleep in pretty much all summer so this getting up at 630 thing is going to hurt.  Afterward I plan on running and then lifting and then I am not really sure.  I might work on my recipe scrapbook because I have only done one recipie so far, oops!

Thursday - I guard again 8-1 and then will run after.  Working back at the Y makes it so much easier for me to get my workout in because I have no excuse for not going to the gym. Again I'm not sure what I'll be doing after but hopefully it's something fun :)

Friday - There was a chance I was going to fly down to see Eric this weekend so I gave up my shift at the Y.  I'm not going down there :( so I'll be working out at Parkside, not sure exactly what I'll be doing. I'm hoping to get a run and lifting in after work so I can finally have a full week of working out again.  I'm thinking about going out on Friday night since I haven't been out in forever so we shall see.

Saturday - Not sure what I am doing all day but that night I have a skype movie date with Eric!!! And it's our 6 month anniversary!!  The month "anniversaries" aren't a really big deal to me but this one is kind of big since it's half a year :) And what an amazing 6 months it has been!

So there's my week in great detail, hopefully I don't have any crazy stalkers out there since I just told you where I'll be and when I'll be there haha.  Really, please don't stalk me :) I'm off to bed so I can get my sorry non-morning self up and to work on time, mer.

**this post was kind of a long one and I am too tired to go back and edit it, sorry if there are any mistakes**

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