Friday, September 3, 2010

30 Days of Me - Day 15

Whatever Tickles Your Fancy

Well today's post is supposed to be a "fanfic", I had to google fanfic because I had no idea what it was.  From what I read it's something written/done by a fan similar to the original artists' work....or something like that.  Instead, I am going to do a regular post tonight on my new favorite thing....scrapbooking!  Seriously, I. am. obsessed.

I am working on a college scrapbook right now but it's going slow because I have four years worth of photos to go through.  Thank goodness for Facebook, I didn't take many pictures during college because I have a huge digital camera that didn't easily fit in my tiny purses.  But because of friends' pictures that I'm tagged in it's been really easy to go through and find good pictures/themes for my pages.

Another project I started the other day is a recipe scrapbook.  I don't cook because I live at home but I know I won't be here forever and Women's Health has a huge, awesome database of recipes and the few that I have made off of there has been super delish.  So I'm attempting to put together a book of recipes I want to try and if any of them don't turn out well I can easily remove them/replace them.

I got some inspiration for my "title pages" from here

Here are a few pictures!

 I still need to cut the bow that's in the bottom right corner.
I wanted this to say "Main Dishes" but I'm kind of a just do it and don't measure kind of girl so the letters don't fit.  To keep it the same I'll make my next title page "Side Dish".  And then my last title page will say "Desserts" because the first two were pluralized.  (I know, most people wouldn't even notice this kind of thing but I need things to be symmetrical and this falls into that category.)

Hope everyone has a good holiday weekend, it's finally the last weekend at the beach!

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