Thursday, September 2, 2010

30 Days of Me - Day 14

A Non-Fiction Book

I don't read much non-fiction.  In fact, besides I Love A Man In Uniform, I can't remember the last non-fiction book I read.  I came across this book when a Mil-Spouse blogger I follow did a review on the book and I figured I would pick it up to see if I could learn anything about this crazy life Eric has joined.  I started following a few Mil-Spouse blogs because I know...knew...nothing about the military.  I learned a little bit from the book but I've definitely learned more through the blogs I follow.  But, the book was really good and made my day-long travel to see Eric fly by :)  Hope everyone had a great day!

ps: who said it could be September and where the hell did August go!?!

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  1. Like the name of that book, how true :-)

    I'm your newest follower from Follow Me, Chickadee!! Love your blog!