Thursday, July 22, 2010

I Love Storms

Except when I'm alone.  That's a lie.  I don't mind storms when I'm alone, but we're under a tornado watch until 2 am and I'm pretty sure I won't wake up to the sirens if they go off tonight.  I can't believe parts of Milwaukee got 7" of rain today.  I am so glad I drove home this morning from up north instead of waiting, everywhere is flooded and that would have been a huge mess.  When I drove home this morning it was raining so hard at times I probably should have pulled over but there was so much construction on the freeway that there wasn't really a safe place to do that.  Even this morning I had to drive through some standing water but tonight there was 4 feet of water on I43....4 feet!

And now it looks like we are going to get hit with a strong storm soon, I hope the power doesn't go out because if it's raining hard that means I have to drag the generator out of the shed.  And it weighs about a million pounds.  Time to unplug the computer, I think they said to be in an interior room on the lower level...oops :)

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