Saturday, July 17, 2010

Eric's Basic Training Graduation Part I

I don't even know where to begin, perhaps a little background.  I met Eric sometime in February I believe.  By March we were dating and in April the Army had taken him away.  For 10 weeks.  TEN WEEKS! During those ten weeks we probably talked on the phone for less than 15 minutes.  In the month we were together before he left we spent almost every day together.  Not knowing what he was doing every day was the hardest part.  Was he ok?  Did he like it?  Did he pass the big PT test everyone was talking about on his battalion facebook page?  When he first left I was a bit of an emotional nut, which for me was a very new experience.  Some of my friends, ahem...Sarah, joke that I was born without tear ducts.  I still got a bit emotional during the last few weeks but I found solace in writing him everyday and I believe I sent him over 60 pages of letters.  I checked the mailbox religiously every day waiting to hear from him.  Seeing that Army envelope waiting for me gave me butterflies and I read and reread every word he wrote.

When Eric left he had to stay in Milwaukee the night before his flight out and I went up with his family to say goodbye.  We went to dinner and then hung out in the hotel lobby for a while.  I knew it was coming,  I knew when I left there I wouldn't see his face again for two months.  I felt bad because his parents and brother were there to say goodbye too but I just didn't want to let go of him.  I kissed him a few times and gave him a hug goodbye in the lobby.  We had to take the elevator to the parking garage and he had to take the elevator to his room.  I had done well and didn't cry but when we got off the elevator and he didn't I turned around to watch the doors close and I thought I was going to lose it.  I couldn't hug him again, I couldn't look in those beautiful blue eyes and tell him how much I loved him, he was gone for real and it hit me so hard.  I didn't know Eric's family that well so keeping it together on that car ride home was hard.  

At the time it didn't feel like it but looking back I think the 10 weeks went by pretty fast, maybe it was just because seeing him again made up for all that time apart :) .   I was so excited and nervous about seeing him all at the same time.  I didn't know why I was nervous, maybe I had kind of forgotten what it felt like to be with him (sorry babe).  Before this relationship I had never experienced the type of feelings I have for Eric and he has taught me how to love in the most amazing and beautiful way and I was worried it might be gone.

I drove down to South Carolina with Eric's family on the Tuesday before his graduation.  I had read almost every post on the facebook page so I knew some of what to expect.  The biggest thing that kept being posted was to get there early and I was going to do everything in my power to make sure that happened because I didn't want to miss anything.  Thursday was family day and Friday was graduation, Thursday morning we had decided to leave around 730 to get there early for the 9 am ceremony.  Well, I was antsy and impatient that morning to say the least.  We ended up leaving a bit later than 730 and then getting a little lost on the way there so we didn't get on post and in a parking spot until 855.  I say this in the nicest way but his family walks so slow.  I tried to be nice but I almost lost it when we were walking up to the stadium and the national anthem started playing and they stopped for it.  I mean no disrespect but I have not seen Eric in 10 weeks and I couldn't do anything but pace while they stood there.  I knew it was starting and I didn't want to miss a thing and here they were, just standing there.  Thankfully we made it inside right before they ran out on the field.  Now, I have never been a big "military girl" and I don't know much about how the Army works but I was so incredibly proud to see him standing there in his ACUs (after Melissa pointed him out to me, they all look the same!)

I was expecting the cermony to take forever because I was anxious to see him and be able to put my arms around him again but it went by quickly.  We were sitting at the very top of the bleachers so it took a while to get down on the field but we finally got down and there he was, as handsome as ever.  I will never forget how it felt to hug him again after 70 some days apart.  While he was gone I would replay seeing him for the last time as we got off that elevator and I couldn't believe he was standing here in front of me again.  I don't think I took my eyes off of him all day, god he looked great in uniform.  I remember thinking to myself around 10 am how we had all day with him.  Ten more hours of him with us where I could see him, and talk to him, and just touch him.  Those ten hours were some of the greatest of my life, but they went far too quickly. 

All the stuff I had been worried about went away when I realized everything between us was still the same, better even.  He was still Eric, still the guy I fell in love with two months before.  I discovered in the time we were apart that I knew Eric and I were meant for each other.  I love being able to support him in this and am so proud when people ask about my boyfriend and I get to tell them he's in the Army.  I know of girls who chase men in uniform but I was never one of them, and now here I am, so proud to say I am deeply and madly in love with the most amazing soldier.


  1. hey baby thank you for being soo amazing!! i love you sooo much!

  2. every day with you babe makes life soo much easier and it makes me want to do everything to my best just for you for someone special that makes u smile everyday and say to urself that i love this amazing woman and know that u cant go a day without missing the moments of cuddling kissing and hugging just knowing that nothing can come in between u and that person u really love!! i love you babe always and will forever ur unbelievable a dream come true:)

  3. its ur boyfriend Eric leaving the anonymous messages lol!!