Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bittersweet Weekend

(Sara and I at the lake this weekend)

Time, what a crazy concept. On one hand, I want time to fly so I can see Eric again. On the other hand, I just want time to take a breather for a few months so I can get my life on track. I can't believe I'm 23 already. Yeah sure, I've done great up till this point, I have a beautiful bachelors degree displayed proudly on my mantle above the fireplace for everyone to see. But really, without a career, it's pretty much just another piece of paper right now. I haven't exactly been putting myself out there and looking for a job these past few months (falling in love does crazy things to you, like taking up all of your time...there's that damn word again). So this week I promise my sad little degree I'll try and add some value to it by taking some of that time I hate so much and doing some serious job searching.
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